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The Traveling Professional's Arm Workout

A powerful arm workout that will hit every visible muscle, providing you with that quick pump for when you're on the road and still need to look and feel your most confident.

Kevin striking a flex outside of Fitness Park, Lyon France after the gym pump arm workout.

You've been working hard to maintain a consistent training regimen, and your nutrition has been... good enough. You're happy with the way you feel and look, but know that once business travel season starts back up in the fall you're likely to regress in your goals. Traveling is the best time to stick to a workout regimen, not only to continue progressing toward your goals, but also to stay confident and performing at your best under high stress. And at the end of the day, feeling and looking your best will always help you to perform at your best. 

Confidence isn’t walking into a room with your nose in the air, and thinking you are better than everyone else, It’s walking into a room and not having to compare yourself in the first place.

I do not travel regularly for work, so when I was backpacking around Europe I took an opportunity to throw together a great arm pump workout that I know many of my clients will benefit from. I hope you can work this routine into your away-from-home-gym workouts this travel season. Everything listed here should be adaptable to any hotel gym, but don't act like there are no accessible gyms in the area you are visiting. If your hotel does not have a suitable gym, take it upon yourself to find a nearby facility that can serve you well during your stay. 

The Workout: Horrizontal Unloading = Do every rep and every set of each exercise before moving onto the next exercise. This is a great way to train for Hypertrophy (Muscle Growth).

1. Incline DB Chest Press (Dumbbells or Barbell) - 3x12

2. Seated Low Row (Machine or Cable) - 3x12

3. Standing Lateral Shoulder Raise (Dumbbells) - 4x(20,15,15,12)

4. Seated Shoulder Press (Dumbbells, Barbell or Bands) - 4x(15,12,12,10)

5. Wide Grip Pull-up - 50x(as many sets as it takes)

6. Chest Dips - 4x10

7. Close Grip Pull-up - 5x10

Lunge Pulses

The Lunge Pulse is a sure way to fire up your quads. Apply the basic principals of a lunge to start this movement: One knee is bent at ninety degrees in front of your body and the other is bent at ninety degrees underneath you, knee resting directly under the head. From this position, you simply lift the knee on the ground to about 6-12" off the ground and return it to the ground over and over for any given duration of time. You perform one leg entirely, and then the other. 

bench press



The standard barbell bench press, or "neutral grip barbell bench press" is a crucial resistance-strength exercise in training the chest and triceps. This move can be done using dumbbells as well. Start with an overhand grip on the bar, a little wider than shoulder width. Keep wrists straight as you lower the bar to your diaphragm and raise it back to the starting position just above the chest line. Try not to lock out your elbows between repetitions.