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alt. lunge



The lunge is one of 7 fundamental movements of exercise. Perfecting lunge form without weight should be one of the first objectives of any health seeker. To perform a lunge, you take a wide step forward with one leg, pause in this split stance, lower the back knee to the ground directly below the head and the front knee bends to 90 degrees directly above the ankle. An alternating forward lunge is usually performed with weight in the hands (we used dumbbells, but you could also use a barbell over the back or a weight plate in your hands). Step forward into a right leg lunge, spring back to a standing position, then step forward into your left leg lunge and repeat for the given amount of repetitions. 

Lunge Pulses

The Lunge Pulse is a sure way to fire up your quads. Apply the basic principals of a lunge to start this movement: One knee is bent at ninety degrees in front of your body and the other is bent at ninety degrees underneath you, knee resting directly under the head. From this position, you simply lift the knee on the ground to about 6-12" off the ground and return it to the ground over and over for any given duration of time. You perform one leg entirely, and then the other. 

bench press



The standard barbell bench press, or "neutral grip barbell bench press" is a crucial resistance-strength exercise in training the chest and triceps. This move can be done using dumbbells as well. Start with an overhand grip on the bar, a little wider than shoulder width. Keep wrists straight as you lower the bar to your diaphragm and raise it back to the starting position just above the chest line. Try not to lock out your elbows between repetitions.