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Cable Chest Fly

Want a chest exercise that isolates the pec major? Here it is....the Cable Chest Fly is an isolated movement becuase it utilized only one joint at a time.

Begin this exercises by grabbing your handles and stepping forward slightly. 
You may use a split stance for balance.
Keep your chest up and elbows straight with a soft bend.
Bring your hands backward and then forward, bringing your hands together in the front and squeeze the pecks.
* No bending and extending the elbows during this movement
* Keep chest up

standing press



Begin this exercise with a barbell standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your hands (palms down) just outside of shoulder width.Tuck your tail bone creating a flat back, suck the core in tight. Start the movement with the bar just under the chin and begin to press upward over the head toward the ceiling and then back down to starting position. * DO NOT lean back during this movement