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The fundamental movement here is the hinge (push glutes back, keep weight in heels, knees stay over ankles and torso lowers to become parallel with the ground). This could be compared to a Romanian dead lift or stiff leg dead lift. The primary difference here is where the weight is located. Since the barbell is resting on top of the upper trap muscles, we are required to maintain a much stronger core than if the weight were to be hanging from our arms as in a dead lift. 

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The hinge is a very misunderstood fundamental movement. We perform a hinge best while laying on the ground doing glute bridges, hip thrusts and reverse hip hinges. But for some reason when we place ourselves in the standing hinge position, we tend to use too much of the lower back and do not properly distribute the resistance to our glutes and hamstrings. Follow this tutorial on how to properly hinge, then come take a look at our exercise library to find out other exercises you can be doing with your great hinge form.