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The fundamental movement here is the hinge (push glutes back, keep weight in heels, knees stay over ankles and torso lowers to become parallel with the ground). This could be compared to a Romanian dead lift or stiff leg dead lift. The primary difference here is where the weight is located. Since the barbell is resting on top of the upper trap muscles, we are required to maintain a much stronger core than if the weight were to be hanging from our arms as in a dead lift. 

Squat Jump

The Squat Jump can be one of the best plyometric exercises to help you build massive quads and a powerful vertical thrust. It can also wreck havoc on your knees if you're not careful. Be sure to keep your feet shoulder's width apart or farther, and drop your hips right as your feet are returning to the ground. It is crucial that you absorb the weight of your body into your quads. Do not allow your knee caps to lock out.


 bulgarian LUNGE


Bulgarian Lunge: Also known as the Bulgarian Split Squat. We like to think of this more as a lunge because the concept of keeping the front knee directly above the ankle is specific to the lunge movement. Push your hips back, bringing your back knee as close to the ground as you can get it. If you find it difficult to lay your elevated foot flat on the bench behind you, you can curl your toes under. This makes the movement easier on your ankle, but limits your range of motion. You can do this exercise with no weight or increase the difficulty by holding dumbbells on either side, or balancing a barbell across your shoulders.