Biceps Curl 21


The Dumbbell Version

If you’re looking for a great arm exercise that hits every side of the biceps, you have to try this twist on the biceps curl 21.

This version utilizes two dumbbells instead of a bar. This allows both of your arms to work independently of the other, putting less strain on your shoulder and elbow joints while providing a unique variable to the curl. Instead of curling through three different ranges of motion, you will be curling through three different hand grips. This changes the workout from training the bicep in one direction to providing a more well-rounded bicep workout.

Try it out at the end of your next arm routine; it works as a great burn-out exercise to finish with.


How to Do the Biceps Curl 21 with Dumbbells: Assume an athletic stance (Feet hips width apart, knees slightly bent to remove arch out of lower back), holding a medium to light weight dumbbell in each hand. Allow arms to fall comfortably to your side. Roll your shoulders back and down to fix your elbows at the back of your ribs.

1-7 = Hammer Grip Curl

8-14 = Underhand Grip Curl

15-21 = Mixed Grip Curl

*Rest 60 seconds between sets and stretch your forearms during rest period. Repeat the exercise for 3-4 sets each workout.

Courtney Coleman