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Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a working actor at the prime age of 56, chronologically speaking. Now in the fitness world, we know of another type of age - your *body age. Tom’s body age is also 56, which is great for someone who uses their physical body so much for their job.

But That was not the case only three months ago when Tom was 16 pounds heavier and consisted of 3% more body fat.

It’s more of a size goal than a number goal for me.


Tom lost 16 pounds and 3% body fat in only 3 months!

Images left to right: May ‘18, August ‘18

When Tom first came to Encore to begin training, his body age was 64 and he was flirting with Obesity. Today, Tom is lighter than he has been in years, but for him it’s more about the way he looks and feels.

Tom is grateful for the newly baggy clothes.

Tom is grateful for the newly baggy clothes.

He was inspired to take action on his health and fitness when he realized he didn’t want to look in the mirror and see this stranger looking back at him.

He wanted to get back to the guy he remembered before the weight gain, but he also knew that he was no longer that same guy… physically. Tom has had both hips replaced, which has left him with mental blocks on his physical limitations.

“Sure, I did the [physical therapy] and I knew I should be able to do many of the exercises I am familiar with. But there was just something there nagging me, telling me not to push it.”

We never “push” things beyond their actual limitations in training, but Tom’s trainer Kevin paid close attention to his regimen and knew when it could be appropriate to progress through levels of difficulty. Now Tom does single leg squats, box steps and Bulgarian split squats with the range of motion that someone with two original hips would struggle with.


“I’m starting to trust my body again.”

Tom has had two hip replacements

There are other benefits Tom has felt from his training, that he says he did not expect as much.

“I love getting compliments on looking thinner,” he admits bashfully.

He also pointed out that his newfound strength and fine tuned lifting form will aid him well in his fall performance as Ms. Trunchbull in a Vermont production of Matilda.

Now, as Tom looks forward to the next three months of training, maybe he can convince his body he is actually younger than time would have us believe.

*Body Age can be calculated three ways, but we determined Tom’s results based off of the body composition method that takes into consideration the hip to waist ratio, BMI and body fat percentage.

Courtney Coleman